Sidra Shahnawaz

“Costruzione del Corpus Per il Caso di Test Plorabunt”

Sidra Shahnawaz


Curriculum: Transdisciplinarity

Tutor: Federico Ruozzi (Università degli studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia) 

“Costruzione del Corpus Per il Caso di Test Plorabunt”, the title of my main project, indicates that I am searching into data sources that are particularly pertinent to the construction of corpus building for the test case of Plorabunt. I am an international doctoral student at DREST researching in the curriculum of Transdisciplinarity and Technological Frontier Research . The objective is to develop a database documenting cases of individuals killed while engaged in prayer within places of worship. The project is supervised by Professor Federico Ruozzi, ensuring a systematic and scientific approach. The main goals of the project are to construct a database of worshippers killed in their places of prayer over the past 40 years (1982-2022) and to analyze the religious and political implications of these attacks. This database will serve as a research tool, collecting data, names, references, and verified sources to facilitate investigations, case studies, and wider research on the topic.

To identify data sources, the researcher is utilizing both primary and secondary sources, including newspaper agencies in South Asia and audiovisual sources related to the Plorabunt cases. The acquired data sources have been translated from various languages, and the cases in the database are consistently checked and verified.

The significance of this research project lies in its potential global impact. The database will eventually be accessible worldwide with just one click, making it available to everyone. The findings from this project will not only benefit the researcher but also other scientific scholars, providing valuable insights for future publications.