Admission and Rules

Applications are processed once a year. Selection procedure will be announced publicly on the websites and

The competition is open to any candidate, regardless of age or nationality, who holds an Italian degree obtained prior to M.D. 509/99 or an Italian second level degree (laurea specialistica, under D.M. 509/99 or laurea magistrale, under M.D. 270/04), or an equivalent academic qualification from a foreign Universities (provided it is comparable in duration and level to the abovementioned Italian titles), that has to be validated by the Selection Committee, following the legislation in force both in Italy and in the country where the qualification was issued and within the international treaties or agreements on the recognition of international qualifications.

Candidates who have a foreign academic qualification must submit any relevant documents useful for verifying equivalency. The call for application will provide more detailed information on that.

The selection procedure, entrusted to an independent commission with international components, is intended to verify the candidate’s preparation and aptitude to carry out research activities related to the framework of DREST’s specifications for the various topics of the fields and in relation to the individual projects.

The selection procedure is based on the evaluation of academic records and interview. Candidates obtaining a minimum of points in the evaluation of academic records will be admitted to interview. During the interview, candidates will be given the opportunity to discuss key aspects of their research project. The committee will also assess the English proficiency of candidates as well as their knowledge of the languages in which primary sources of their research are written.

Candidates will be admitted to the Course according to the order of the final rankings and up to the number of available places for each of the six disciplines. In case of a tie, preference is given to the younger candidate.

Fellows will be enrolled by the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and they will be placed within the research groups of the partner universities or research centers that provide the study scholarships according to the results of the selection process.

The maximum time limit for completion of the PhD program is three years after matriculation. Faculty will assign to each fellow a tutor and a thesis supervisor during the first year. The PhD is awarded upon completion of the PhD Program, when fellows pass their final examination that consists in the presentation of a PhD Thesis on original research, carried out meticulously and where results are adequately and scientifically relevant. Should the assessment be negative, the final examination cannot be repeated.

Rights and Responsibilities of Fellows

The annual amount of a study scholarship is € 16.243,00 (barring subsequent regulatory amendments) and is subject to the I.N.P.S. social security contribution under the separate management fund. It will be paid in monthly deferred instalments.

Scholarship amounts will be increased by 50% for periods spent abroad if no longer than 12 months. This period may be extended up to a maximum of 18 months for doctoral fellows under joint guidance or Double Degree program with foreign institutions.

Starting from the first year, to every fellow is guaranteed a budget for research activities in Italy and abroad amounting to 20% of the annual amount of the scholarship.

DREST requires a full-time and exclusive commitment. Fellows may accept forms of employment, pending authorization from the Faculty, related to work activities useful for the acquisition of skills pertaining to the PhD research area, after evaluation of compatibility of those activities with the fruitful development of the

educational, didactic and research activities of the doctoral course.

Fellows are required to perform their research projects in the institution that provides the study scholarship assigned to them according to the results of the selection process. They are also required to be involved in related study, further research, periods abroad, teaching, as well as any internships affiliated with public or private bodies, in accordance with the requirements set by the Faculty. Fellows who fail to comply may be withdrawn from the program.


DREST stipulates that all doctoral fellows spend no less than a full semester abroad and no less than one month in one of the partner institutions, outside of their home institution. These activities are intended to promote internationalization opportunities for fellows, and the creation of a broad research community spread throughout the country in which knowledge and skills are circulated.