Michele Cometa

Michele Cometa is Full Professor of Comparative Literature, Cultur History and Visual Culture at the University of Palermo. His research interests include Biopoetics (cognitive bases of narrativity and picture-making, literature and evolution), aesthetics and visual culture (especially word-text relations, iconotexts and optical devices in literature), and 18th, 19th and 20th century literature and culture (German cultural history, the age of Goethe, Romanticism). He has edited the Italian translation of many classics of aesthetics and literary works by the following authors: J. J. Winckelmann, A. R. Mengs, F. Schlegel, M. Mendelssohn, G. E. Lessing, J. Koller, J. W. Goethe, F. Schiller, E. T. A. Hoffmann, F. Schinkel, J. I. Hittorff, Th. Fontane, G. Lukács, O. Weininger, K. Kraus, E. Jünger, H. Blumenberg, P. Hacks, V. Braun. He is a member of the scientific committee of the Goethe-Gesellschaft Italia.

His latest book is Cultura visuale, Cortina Raffaello, Milano, 2020.