Maurizio Sangalli

Maurizio Sangalli is full Professor of Early Modern History at the University for foreigners of Siena. He was director of the Diocesan Library of Siena (1996-2004), of the Centro nazionale di studi per la storia del clero e dei seminari in Siena (Cescles) and of the Centro interuniversitario per la storia del clero e delle istituzioni ecclesiastiche (Ciscis), both in Siena. He is now President of the Istituto Sangalli per la storia e le culture religiose. His scientific research field are the Italian religious history, especially in the carly modern period, and the history of education and school insitutions. He had a fellowship at the Italian Academy of the Columbia University in New York in the fall semester 2010-11 and he was invited to hold lectures at the universities, among others, of Istanbul, Warsaw, Saint Petersburg, Montreal and Toronto.

His latest book is Una città, due imperi. Amministrazione pubblica e decurionato a Lodi tra Spagna e Austria (secoli XVI-XVIII), Franco Angeli, 2018.