Martina Maria Caragnano

Bonagrazia of Bergamo and the hypothesis of a heretic pope. 

Accusations and conflicts against the first popes of Avignon

Martina Maria Caragnano


Curriculum: Christianity

Tutor: Roberto Lambertini (Università di Macerata)

The project highlights the importance of Bonagratia of Bergamo (1265-1340), a Franciscan friar who was involved in the disputes on Franciscan poverty between the group of Minors led by Michael of Cesena and Pope John XXII in the 1330s. Despite being left aside by historiography, Bonagratia is worth considering because of three unpublished appeals (Appellationes) written in 1332, 1333, and 1334 against the pope. These writings provide insight into Bonagratia’s thoughts during the debates on absolute poverty against the papacy.