Marta Fusaro

The Šaršot Kesef by Joseph Ibn Kaspi and its Latin translation

Marta Fusaro


 The project aims to propose a first digital critical edition, with translation and commentary,of some portions of the Šaršot Kesefand to analyse its Latin translation.

The Šaršot Kesefis a dictionary of biblical Hebrew, organised in triliteral roots, composed by the linguist, exegete and philosopher Josef Ibn Kaspi in the 14th century. The work, still unpublished, is an important witness to the evolution of Hebrew linguistics between the 12th and 14th centuries.

The critical edition will be based on the collation of the two complete witnesses of the Šaršot Kesef: the Ms. Paris, BNF Hebr. 1244 and the Ms. Roma, Biblioteca Angelica, Or. 60.

In the commentaryto the edition, we will underline the following aspects ofthis dictionary: the use of philosophy, as the Aristotelian Logic, to explain morphological and etymological aspects of the Hebrew language; the interpretation given by Ibn Kaspi to the biblical quotations, which he inserted to show the meaningof a term; the philosophicaland linguistic sources used by the author. 

The project also aims to analysethe Latin translation of the Šaršot Kesef, still unpublished, contained in the Ms.Città del Vaticano, Vat. Ebr. 412. We will attempt to reconstruct the genesis of this translation, that is an evidence of the dictionary’s diffusionin non-Jewish-speaking circles.