Marco Di Donato

Marco Di Donato is tenure-track Senior Assistant Professor (RTDb) in History of Islamic Countries in the Department of Culture and Societies at the University of Palermo.

His research is focused on Islamist movementism and party politics in the Middle East area, with specific attention dedicated in recent years to Salafism regarding which he published a monograph in 2018. On a broader level he also focuses his attention on the contemporary history of the Middle East and North Africa.

Author of several publications with Italian and International publishing houses, he is currently responsible for the master’s degree courses History of Modern and Contemporary Islam; Middle East and North Africa: History, Politics, Cultures; and for the bachelor course History of Islamic Countries. His latest publication is Islamic Political Theology, ed. by M. Campanini and M. Di Donato, Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, Lanham, MD, 2021.