The Judaism curriculum is a privileged space for research on the sources, materials, and manifestations of the religious experience of lived Judaism. It examines these experiences over time and in all areas where Judaism has spread and manifests itself, in the East as in the West, before and after the diaspora. Research includes exegetical and hermeneutical studies, the study of cults and traditions, archaeological and epigraphic research, source editing and migration studies, lexicography and the tradition of relationships with other majority faith communities, and the study of persecution and literary memory. With the fundamental linguistic skills needed to examine the work first-hand, students will be able to assess figurative culture in the formation of ritual discipline and worship, with the different cultural physiognomies, both orthodox and reformed, and conduct research on areas, texts, and environments of the rich world of living Judaism, up to its newfound expression in the land of Israel.

Faculty of the area

Piero Capelli (coordinator) – Raffaele Esposito – Myriam Silvera