Fedor Arkhipov

Law and Religion in Putin’s Russia based on the analysis of the information-thematic overview of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation

Fedor Arkhipov


Curriculum: Law and Religion

Tutor: Alessandro Ferrari (Università dell’Insubria)

In 2021, the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation presented the most significant legal positions on the right to freedom of religion “Legal positions of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation on certain issues. The right to freedom of religion”. In the information-thematic overview, the Constitutional Court included three resolutions and ten rulings for 2020, that is, for the first two decades of Putin’s presidency and reflecting the state of religious freedoms in Russia before the start of a full-scale invasion of Ukraine .
This review clearly shows the evolution of state-confessional relations in Russia and the main trends in the state’s religious policy.
As part of my dissertation, I strive to identify these trends, establish how they were implemented into the Russian legal system and what effect they had on law enforcement and the position of religious freedom and religious groups in the country.
I hope to be able to not only identify these trends but also to establish what role confessional politics plays in the state administration of the Russian leadership and its foreign policy in connection with the military conflict in Ukraine.