Chiara Solazzo

The vision of the Shoah in the light of relations between the Holy See and Israel (1948-1958)

Chiara Solazzo


Curriculum: Judaism

Tutor: Manuela Consonni (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

My doctoral project wants to examine a specific angle of view of the relations between Roman Catholicism and Israel in the aftermath of the Second World War, the subject of much polemical or apologetic literature, as well as a historiographical production that awaits a change of pace from the consultation of the immense archive of Pius XII (recently opened by the S. Sede) and John XXIII; the working hypothesis is that to understand the political and diplomatic dimension and to contextualize the relations between Israel and the Holy See, before and after the creation of the State on May 14, 1948, it is necessary to understand how it “emerged” the awareness of the Shoah and the extermination of millions of Jews in an atmosphere of “silence” that has certainly not been perceived as such immediately – in a series of areas ranging from within Catholicism to its suburbs.
The aim of the research is therefore an analytical census of the way in which the Church has understood the Nazi-Fascist genocide and how its acquisition of the theme has been welded or detached from what was happening in all the societies of Western Europe: We will then proceed to a close examination of all the Pacellian production, thanks to the Vatican Apostolic Archives, to understand where the Shoah is alluded to and in what way.