The first and only National Ph.D. in Religious Studies in Italy 

DREST aims to be a center for education and the enhancement of specialized knowledge concerning religious experience, its normative and theological expressions, its heritage of sources, and the latter’s interpretations. DREST’s goal is to create an open scientific community, appealing to the finest national and international scholars and candidates who, given the current environment of growing religious illiteracy and “religious climate change”, are able to produce scientific knowledge concerning diverse beliefs and approaches to the past.

The program includes six curricular areas:

  • Buddhism and Religions of Asia
  • Christianity
  • Islam
  • Judaism
  • Law and Religion
  • Transdisciplinarity and Technological Frontier Research

Such curricular areas will integrate exegetical, sociological annd philosophical reflection as well as the knowledgeable implementation of historical and hermeneutical methods applied to written, iconographical, and oral sources, as well as theoretical issues.

Regardless of the chosen field, doctoral students will be asked and offered to deepen and broaden their understanding of sources in classical and modern languages relevant to the subjects under consideration, to familiarize with the literature relevant to their chosen research field, and to demonstrate the acquisition of discernible competencies through their dissertations, in terms of originality and quality, including in the international arena.

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