43 scholarships for permanent and resident fellows with a mandatory semester abroad

DREST is a residential, full-time PhD program training young scholars through the professional exercise of research as an exclusive commitment, engagement with leading scholars, visits to study centers outside of Italy and Europe, participation in seminars on the classics of historiography, and meetings with prominent academics working on topics of interest of the program. It thus implies the students’ continuous residential presence for all working days in one of the partner institutions, where they attend lectures, seminars, and training and research activities planned by the Academic Advisory Board. In addition, they spend no less than a full semester in a foreign institution. The program also stipulates that all doctoral students spend no less than one month in one of the partner institutions, outside of their home institution. These activities are intended to promote the creation of a broad research community spread throughout the country in which knowledge and skills are circulated, thus showing the vitality of an area of research that is often fraught with fragmentation and a school-based logic.